terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2009

D.A.D. - Laugh'n'a 1/2*

Uma música por dia...

I learned politeness on my mother's knee
I learned by uprightness my number of friends should increase
When I think about the things I've done
I laugh out loud to no one, Yeah, to no one

'Coz it's so hard to meet the eyes that I see
When I try to open up my heart
There's something inside me and I know it's good
But understanding, is misunderstood
At the end of a smile, there's a laugh'n'a 1/2

But I became honest Mr. Mistaken
In spite of the curves my smile was makin'
Bumpers and kickers in one big stream
I grew up in a life size pinball machine!

Yeah! - They're mean!.

I tried to fill some silence 'Coz the silence feels so long
I knew the ice was gettin' thinner
But I kept skating on!
My mother threw me into this world as a winner
But by the light of the yellow beer
They tell the jokes I'll never get to hear!!

*Há anos que não ouvia isto. Passe o tempo que passar é impossível não verter uma lágrima.

1 comentário:

MRPereira disse...

Eu tenho a dizer que...

Estou a ouvir Robert Plant com Allison Krauss e tou a adorar!

Já conhecia o álbum mas nunca o tinha ouvido com ouvidos de ouvir (por contraponto a olhar com olhos de ver...) e hoje estou a fazê-lo e a adorar!

E estou de birra!