terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

Korn - Bottled up inside

Uma música por dia e nem sabe o bem que lhe fazia

It ain't fading
Man I gotta let it out
Am I crazy?
Screaming nothing ever comes out
I keep feeling lost
I'll never find my way out
I'm not thanking them
Unless the truth can pour out

Give me some courage
Beating me down now for some time
Are you laughing am I funny?
I hate inside,
I hate inside.

I'll take this time
To let out what’s inside
Cuz I will break
Sometimes I wish you'd die
Full of sorrow
You raped and stole my pride.
And all this hate is bottled up inside

My heart's breaking
Man you really ripped it out
You take pleasure watching as
I claw my way out
The hurt rising
Soon it's gunna to tear my soul out
It’s not kosher feeling like I’m on my way out

Feeling the haze as they cut down my spine
Pealing your flesh like the way you've cut mine
Do you feel happy, you fucked up my mind
You’re going to pay this time

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