terça-feira, 10 de março de 2009

U2 - Unforgettable Fire

Uma música por dia e nem sabe o bem que lhe fazia

Your only rivers run cold,
These city lights,
They shine as silver and gold,
Dug from the night.
Your eyes as black as coal.

Walk on by, walk on through,
Walk till you run.
And dont look back.
For here, I am.
Carnival, the wheels fly and the colors spin
Through alcohol.
Red wine that punctures the skin.
Face to face in a dry and waterless place.

So sad to beseige your love so,
Head on, stay this time.
Stay tonight, in a lie.
Im only asking but I think that you know.
Come on take me away.
Come on take me home.
Home again.

And if the mountain should crumble,
Or disappear into the sea.
Not a tear, no not I stay in this time.
Stay tonight in a light.
Ever after, this love in time.
And if you save it all, save you love.
Dont push me too far tonight.

2 comentários:

Me Hate disse...

Começam a ser um pouco repetitivos mas tirando isso, desta até gosto... dentro do género.

Agora o que é BOM mesmo BOM, é o novo dos D.M. hem?????

Rui disse...

É a minha música favorita deles!